The Man with Black Arms

A sad and foolish man
gathered all his shirts
and pants and stuffed them
in the sink and filled it up with
warm water and black dye.
Then he stirred everything
with a pretty wooden mallet.
He stirred and stirred for a
long, long time. He stirred
so much that his arms
fell off. They splashed into
the warm water along
with the clothing and the
black dye. There was nothing
the man could do, but stand
there and wonder why his

arms were no longer
attached to his body.
There didn't seem to be
an explanation. He went
into shock and fainted.
In his sleep the man was
happy again. He was filled
with love. The man still
had his arms. He ran
around waving them
in the sky like two kites.
Many days and nights passed.
Eventually, the man
woke up and walked over
to where the bad incident
had occurred. He peered

down into the sink.
Everything was
black, including
his arms.